Get My Life Back


Berhabuk sudah blog ni. Sorry for any inconveniences. If ever someone reading this. I currently hibernating, doing nothing. Bangun, solat, tidur, makan, masak, help a little here and there, termenung, main game, termenung lagi.

So, my brain macam not fully functioning. Laptop pun macam dah berbulan tak berusik. All these my times, my laptop was used by adikss. So, after raya, and masuk sekolah and everything, i took my laptop back. And, yeahh as you can read my writing here, I'm using my laptop now.

Currently, I was addicted with games. Game bodoh-bodoh je. Main pun sebab I don't know why I'm playing that games. Just addicted. So, I need to cari benda lain in order to stop that activity.

Bila dah start main game, I can feel that I start to deteriorate my eyes function. Fuhh! Hopefully my eyes can get back to normal. Sebab bila main game, kita kena fokus. So, macam tak perasan mata ada berkelip ke tak. Sometimes, lampu bilik dah tutup, I still playing that games! Dasyatt. Lepas main, sambung tengok fb pulak, insta pulak, fb balik. What's wrong with myself??

So, I guess I'm not addicted with games, I just addicted with smartphones. Cause sometimes, I do uninstall that game, later I install balik sebab bosan. Haha. And I think I should just uninstall foreverrr..

And now, I should start to find some work. Or may be set up my own business. Pray for me ok?

Pharmacy vs Bakery??
Really in dilemma.